Top 8 Wrestlers Who Left WWE To Work Somewhere Else

WWE is world's most entertaining event where you see wrestlers lacing up their boots and stepping into the ring and entertain the whole audience. There is other side of this most entertaining world where many times it happens, wrestlers don't find this job more to their career and earning. This results in losing such athletics from the WWE world. Hundreds of WWE superstars leaves either due to the pressure they are not able to handle or some other and leave the company to work somewhere else.

Check out these best and most popular 15 professional wrestlers who left WWE to work somewhere else.


Kelly Kelly retired from professional wrestling in 2012  due to a series of injuries and she started to pursue a career as a model. She appeared on WAGS in 2015, an E! reality television series .

2. Ryback

Ryback left WWE, Ryback and is heard that he is planning to open his brand by his own. It is also heard that he is soon going to launch his own clothing line, a food line, and a series of self-help books.

As per the sources , he has  legally changed his first name to Ryback, so that he can continue using his WWE owned name on the independent scene.

Ryback is also planning to get involved in MMA, much like Brock Lesnar or CM Punk.

3. Paul Heyman


Paul Heyman left WWE and started his own where he founded Heyman Hustle, a multimedia organization which covers both sports and entertainment.

4. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was a one of the popular and finnest WWE wrestler during the time of 1990s. He won gold medal in freestyle wrestling in ’96 Summer Olympics and was seen as  one of the most popular sportsmen in America.

In 2006 due to certain personal reason Kurt was not able to give his full time which caused him to move out of WWE and later he is seen to join TNA after leaving WWE.

5. Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is also known as  Hulkster.As per the sources Hulk first left WWE in 1993 to pursue a career in Hollywood.

6. AJ Lee

AJ Lee due to her solid relationship with CM Punk (her husband), the WWE anticipated AJ’s departure with Vince McMahon and Triple H.

She left WWE  after WrestleMania 31, announcing that she was retiring from her active competition.

7. Ted DiBiase Jr.


As per the sources, DiBiase was elected not to renew his WWE contract. He set out his own charity after leaving WWE.

He runs a camp for disadvantaged youths, which was recently covered on a Where Are They Now? Feature on the WWE website.

8. Brock Lesnar

Brock is seen in  NFL after leaving WWE.

He later signed with UFC and became the biggest star in the history of the company.

Brock returned to WWE the night after WrestleMania XXVIII to begin a fight with John Cena. He is now continuing his wrestling with the company ever since.

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